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Tax Planning

Are you aware of all the tax breaks available to you and your business? At Rajani & Co we specialise in saving you tax and we can start helping you today.  Have you thought about:

Annual tax planning, combining Personal and Corporation Tax - looking at all of your taxes together we help you minimise your tax bills

Capital gains tax planning – This is the tax on profit when you sell something which has increased in value.

Research & Development Tax Credits and Patent Box. Claim your tax credits for the costs associated with your innovative ideas.

Inheritance tax and estate tax planning – There are many tax opportunities available for transferring an estate or inheritance, so it is important you seek professional advice.

Tax investigations – Being subject to investigation can be a stressful experience but tax investigations happen more frequently than you think. So if you become the subject of an investigation, we can provide extra help and support.


Forensic Accounting

Do you need an experienced accountant to investigate, analyse and clarify? Do you need to trace assets or resolve a dispute? Our Rajani & Co forensic accounting team have the experience and analytical skills required to investigate, source and interrogate the financial information available.

We step away from the financial jargon by summarising all relevant information into an Expert report, so it can be understood by a lay person and the courts in clear, focused and unambiguous terms.

Here are just some of the services we provide:

Fraud investigation

Matrimonial claims

Business valuations – for sale, or as a result of commercial disputes

Business interruption and loss of profits calculations

Finance Director Services

Owners of small to medium sized companies are usually working in their businesses, wearing several hats including the Finance Director role as there is often no need for a full time role and yet there is a need for an advisor with excellent financial and commercial acumen that can help steer  businesses in the right direction.  Rajani & Co can help your business on to the path of business growth in many ways:

Do you want to grow your business success? Planning is a very important aspect of the development and prosperity of your business, as it ultimately impacts on your personal wellbeing as a business owner.  We work with businesses that have the same passion for business as we do, so we have a mutual desire to work on their business together and grow their success.

We can work as your in-house finance directors to provide expertise by attending board meetings and giving independent advice – without having to pay the salary of a full time finance director!  Here are just some of the benefits of having us as your finance director:

Planning, budgets & forecasts

Raising finance.

Business start-up advice and guidance.

Business reconstruction.

Business valuations for sale

Retirement and business succession planning.

Finance trade manager

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Industry Niche

Care Sector

We have in-depth experience in working in the Care Sector, whether it is general or specialised domiciliary or supporting your care home.  We provide Finance Director Services in this industry.

Charity Sector

We are experienced in working within the Charity Sector and we understand that funds are limited, so we provide our services at affordable fixed prices.

Franchise Sector

We work with a number of Franchised Subways in setting up, buying and selling businesses as well as everyday accountancy and tax services