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Every business is different and we spend time getting under the skin of your organisation, in order to become your integrated finance team who can deliver your exact accountancy requirements.

We treat all clients as individuals as we seek to break down the business barrier and help you understand that accountants are just people who are really good with figures.

We offer financial and business advice to individuals, sole traders, partnerships and limited companies.

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Our Core every day services include:

Accountancy Services

The world of business, finance and taxation are governed by complex and constantly changing laws and regulations, and it is our job as your accountants to keep you up-to-date and explain what you need to know before you need to know it.

Rajani & Co manage your business’ accounting requirements so you can focus your attention on what you do best.  We ensure that your Year-End Financial Statements are compliant with the Companies Act and related regulations and that you never miss a deadline for submission.

Year End preparation compliance

Tax Return preparation

Related Companies House, HMRC online submissions

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Tax Service

Taxation Services

Are you aware of all the tax breaks available to you and your business? At Rajani & Co we specialise in saving you tax and we can start helping you today.  Here are some of the taxations we deal with on your behalf everyday:

Corporation Tax

Personal Tax

VAT UK and European

PAYE & Benefits In Kind

There may also be times when you need help with more complex tax situations and we host a wide range of services meaning you can always turn to Rajani & Co for advice. See specialisms for our full range of tax services

Management Accounts

Do you want to grow your success? At Rajani & Co we can help you identify how to improve your business structure to focus on future business plans.

Outsourcing your business’ bookkeeping requirements to Rajani & Co can free up your time and your employees’ time to focus on your business development, so you can be completely confident that your accounts are being handled by experienced professionals. Or we can provide training for your staff to perform everyday book-keeping while we help you understand the significance of your month end figures.

Book-keeping & VAT returns

Management accounts preparation

Budgeting and measuring actuals against budgets

Cashflow forecasts

Business Planning for expansion and bank loans

Management Accounts


Are you an employer? Do you find payroll a distraction? Does payroll divert energy and resources? Payroll can be a complicated and time-consuming burden, but we all understand it needs to be done and on time.

As you know, the employer is responsible for the payroll and any mistakes to do with it, which can be a heavy burden. To give you peace of mind, we offer a complete payroll service which is completely tailored according to your needs, whether you pay weekly, or monthly to include:

Preparation and emailing of payslips

RTI submissions & Auto-enrolment

Year end summaries

Benefits in Kind submissions


We can help train your staff, either online or face to face, in the art and science of efficient book-keeping using cloud based software systems such as Xero or Quickbooks. You may find an extra 50% of time available depending on what systems you currently have in place.  If you don’t have an online solution we can help with this:

Set up online accounting software

Seamless transition from and to new accounting software

Train staff on general rules of book-keeping and how to complete VAT returns

Train staff on OCR inputting systems, such as Hubdoc and AutoRec

Provide on-going support

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